Financial Accounting Software (Enterprise Edition) Features

Major Software Features :

  • Systematically maintains multiple company profiles and customer-vendor records.
  • Software with advance Barcode technology, access accounting details in minimal time.
  • Facilitates Bill Sundry creation and various Tax type details.
  • Maintains Sales-Purchase details for various business transactions.
  • Easily access multiple voucher details including Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher and Journal Voucher entries using advance barcode technology.
  • Computerized generation of Accounting reports related to Sales-Purchase, Production and Stock.
  • Accurately generates business Annual reports (including Balance sheets, Profit-Loss reports and Trial balance) in minimal time.

Security Features :

  • Password protected feature restricts unauthorized user to access the accounting software.
  • Freeze date feature prevents unauthorized changes in significant financial records.

Other Features :

  • Provide data connectivity facility that is helpful to fetch accounting records from local network connected via machine or any local drive.
  • Facility to export financial reports in PDF and Excel file formats.
  • Facilitates data backup option in case of accidental data loss.
  • No expertise accounting knowledge needed to operate the software.
  • Rich graphical interface helps to understand the program.